Waging War Against Noise

#TBT to Waging War Against Noise.
Check In: I’ve since gone back to my regular use of technology. I do however try hard to start my mornings off quietly. Perhaps its time to try this again and see the outcome. I did notice higher productivity last time! 🙂



When a very dear friend of mine came back to the States in the summer from her two-year journey with the Peace Corp one of the things she found interesting was the use of multiple devices at once. She said something along the lines of “I don’t really get it, I mean, people have their computer in front of them where they are doing work, their phone to the right beeping all the time with new texts, and a tablet to the left playing a show or something.” While I laughed along with her commenting how silly it was, I noticed that my computer was in fact in front of me, while I was on the phone with her, and my IPad was streaming my latest Netflix obsession. To be honest, I very briefly considered how hypocritical I was being in the moment and then proceeded to forget about all…

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