Hot Cocoa and Snow

Picture this…You’re around 10 years old. You wake up early to get ready for school. Getting dressed this morning is painful because last night there was a lot of snow fall. You already ran downstairs to ask mom if maybe, just maybe, they canceled school…but they didn’t. So you begrudgingly pull on your pants and sweatshirt, brush your teeth, half-heartedly comb your hair and head back into the kitchen to eat cereal your stomach doesn’t want because its full of sorrow.
And then…
Your mom, with a sneaky smile on her face, holds out a cup of hot cocoa and asks you “Why are you getting ready for school when there’s a SNOW DAY?!!!!” It takes you a moment to realize that mom has tricked you AGAIN!! Every year, every snow day she put on her oscar aware winning act convincing you that yours had been the only district not to get the snow day, and you fell for it, and you couldn’t be happier. You jump around yelling, “SNOW DAY!!” and instantly put on your pjs. You grab the hot chocolate and curl up on the couch under an oversized comforter and turn on the tv. This is your right as a mitten state dweller, to get at least one snow day in the year. And here it is.
Now, fast forward to today. You’re an adult and work for a private organization. Last night a lot of snow fell making the roads pretty awful to drive on. Unfortunately, you do not live in the part of the state where so much snow fell that businesses shut down or requested everyone work from home for safety reasons. So you wake up early, get ready, shovel out your car, freeze your hands off because your mother is no longer there velcroing gloves to your coat since you lose them every season, and turn your car on to heat up. And there it is. That sad realization. The wonderful seasonal expectation that was your right as a child has been taken away. Snow Days are no longer fun. Snow Days are horrible and this makes you terribly sad.
So today on this snow day, as I try to make it out of my driveway and I drive slowly into work leaving extra early to give myself plenty of time. I will take with me some hot chocolate and sip it as I remember how fun it was when I was a child, smile as I see kids playing in the snow, and I will consider for a split second a career in teaching.

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