Falling Back Into Old Patterns

All I want to do is curl up under my covers and sleep through the remainder of this year. I might make an allowance for the holidays because frankly who doesn’t want to gorge on tasty food and spend time with loved ones. Other than that though, I’m perfectly content with staying in my bed and watching the days go by until the weather warms and the sunlight peaks out for the full day.
Unfortunately, this is not an option. With the seasonal time change falling back an hour, my days have been plunged into darkness. As a morning person, I regularly start my day in darkness regardless of the season. This doesn’t bother me so much as I am usually able to make my own little sunshine in creating sunrise challenges for myself. These challenges are usually centered around knocking one big thing off of my to do list before the sunlight peaks out to play. Its my own version of dominating the day early on.
What bothers me about the fall/winter time is that with the time change comes a faster approach to darkness in the evening. As I leave work everyday I watch the sun set on my hopes of an outdoor jog. Let’s be honest people, I am not hard core enough to go running outdoors when it is dark and cold. Nope. Not happening. Which leaves me with my first option of going to the gym and running on a treadmill (gross…not that I won’t do it, or don’t enjoy it at times, but generally its hot and stuffy in the gym and I have a hard time as I stare at only one spot and the scenery doesn’t change). My second option is the glorious, golden opportunity to go home, throw on my jammies at a shamefully early hour, throw my hair in a bun and create a double comforter burrito in my bed as I watch random youtube videos or Netflix.
I’ll give you all one guess as to which one wins most days.
Now, this year I have focused on being more self-aware and attempting to find the positive side of things. Which got me to thinking, it is a chronic condition of this season for me to fall back into old patterns. Perhaps it isn’t even the darkness or the cold’s fault but rather that the seasons have given me an excuse to be lazy. While other excuses are easily identifiable and unjustifiable, for instance, I know when I’ve gained weight after eating too much halloween candy that it isn’t a fluke but rather a direct result of those deliciously wondrous chocolate bars.
However, the Fall Back slump is something I can easily use as a “legitimate” excuse to stop working on myself. I can’t wake up earlier because its cold when I get out of bed. I can’t eat better because my body needs soul food to cheer me up since I don’t have sunlight to do it for me. I can’t go to the gym or run outside because its dark and dreary. The list of excuses can go on and on. So instead of focusing on the cold and dark, I’m going to shift my attention. I’m going to focus on the cozy. Along with the early darkness comes the warm cocoa and soothing teas. It’s the season of baked apples filling my house with that wonderful smell. It’s the excitement of the holiday’s and the promise of a fresh start in a new year. So everyday, as I watch the sun set from my desk at work, I’ll think to myself, it’s cozy time, grab a warm drink and smile. There’s no reason the season should stop me from working towards my goals, I’ll just have to go about them differently.

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