Programing My Mind

#TBT Quibblers, lets go back in time to this post…Programming My mind!



I’ve been learning a new programing language lately and along with lessons in how to write queries, I’ve also gotten some interesting lessons in how life works. I don’t claim to be an expert in programing languages or databases of any sort. Yet despite having only begun to scratch the surface, but I can’t help but find parallels between the organization of a database system and human perception. Allow me to explain. When you’re writing a query, basically you are telling the computer how to organize the large blob of information you have. Sometimes you want to organize the information by someone’s last name, sometimes you’re interested in birthdates. Whatever. When you’re writing the query, you tell the computer what matters to you and the outcome is exactly what you asked for. The computer isn’t going to guess that it would be good for you to also get some other…

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