Thinking about Thinking

#TBT Hey Fellow Quibblers, let’s check out this throwback from November!



The other day I was jamming out to some tunes while sitting at my desk and doing some work. Of course, I can’t honestly justify paying for Spotify premium, so when I picked the random mellow playlist that I was interested in that day I was thrilled at the surprise of hearing a bit of Amy Winehouse. The song “Wake up Alone” came on, and with her sultry voice, Amy sang a tale of sadness and dismay as I typed away on my computer, half-hearing the lyrics. Then came a line that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. “Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking.” This idea of running around and pre-occupying ourselves to keep from thinking obsessively about something or someone is completely natural for most people. Whenever something bad happens we are told to be strong and to show no emotion. This…

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