Experiencing an Expert

The Man of the Hour: Nolan Patrick
The Man of the Hour: Nolan Patrick

Living in a world where multitasking and diversified skill sets are touted as the marks of a highly prized individual presents its own set of benefits and challenges. All of this fervor and excitement means that our days are filled with a lot of motion and noise. In the span of 24 hours we are able to complete and experience such a wide variety of things that overall we will end our lives having gone through many more sensations than any other generation before us. We will have connected to each other at a frequency and through a medium never even dreamed of in earlier ages. We will learn what the faces of the world look like by actually visually seeing them through the use of technology. Essentially, the overused statement that “the world is at our fingertips” cannot be refuted.

With all of these opportunities, people are capable of becoming experts in very specific niches. Therefore it isn’t surprising to encounter someone who knows an exorbitant amount about something you’ve never even heard of. This experience always creates two wildly different reactions. Either it will cause the feeling of stupidity. Not knowing anything about something that another person knows so much about is an easy way to make people feel threatened. Or, it will cause excitement. Meeting someone who knows so much about a topic that you know nothing about can be a great opportunity to learn something new.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a video a fellow salsa dancer, Nolan Patrick, is creating for our dance studio and instructor. I initially said yes to participating because I truly do support the community and our instructor deserves all of my loyalty for her hard work and the support she gives us. This basically means that it didn’t matter to me what my friend, Nolan, could produce. All that mattered was that he was doing it. So I met up with him on a nearby university campus without any expectations. Upon entering the building I noticed that Nolan was carrying equipment. This was a very good sign, because obviously one wouldn’t carry all of this stuff if they were not going to use it, or didn’t know how to. Thus began a very intriguing hour of my life. While I poured over some pre selected questions that Nolan had written on a large flash card, hoping to come up with some clever answers to his questions, I noticed him as he toiled away setting up his tripod and microphone.

He began to stare around the room. I won’t lie, as an outsider, Nolan looked a bit comical for a split second as he looked from one side of the room to the other. It was a few minutes until I realized that what he was looking for was the best lighting. I rose from my seat and tried to suggest different areas. Upon reflection I’m sure that this was annoying, but in all honesty I was just trying to help. So Nolan had me sit in various different places so that he could find “depth” for his shot…something I’m still not completely sure about what it means.

After finally choosing a location, he set me up with a microphone and continued to adjust the shot as we worked our way through the interview. Nolan would pause me whenever a random freshman lost and in search of their orientation group would pass by, or when the sun would adjust and find its way to my face. Eventually, Nolan even took out a large light that he attached to his camera, manipulating the lighting to work to his advantage. I was very flattered by the effort that Nolan was putting into getting the best possible presentation for my interview. With all of the effort that he was putting forth in the process, it would have been impossible to not take the interview seriously and do my best at giving honest answers.

Beyond getting a chance to talk a bunch, which I will admit, is always flattering and fulfilling, it also gave me an opportunity to watch someone in his element. I’ve seen Nolan working with his camera before, but never in a one-on-one experience. This rare opportunity gave me the chance to get to know Nolan. Not only did I chat with him, gaining some insight into his personality and his kind nature, but I also got to do it while watching him be incredibly passionate about something. This is the very best version of anyone you meet. When you encounter them in their element, talking or doing that one thing that they specialize in, you get to understand the full strength of their potential. Often times when you talk to someone about something they love, especially if they have a more reserved nature, you can notice their barriers come down. It inspires me to find that one thing that brings that very same thing out of me.

As the interview drew to a close, I was sad to find it over. I had so thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Aside from getting to talk about a community I love and support, I got to spend an hour in a world completely unknown to me. For that experience, I will always be thankful to Nolan. I have no doubt that he will be successful in all of his future endeavors.

Please be on the lookout for a link to the video once it gets released by the end of this summer. I will make sure to share this Nolan Patrick original with you all.

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