Unrealistic Goal Making

#TBT Let’s revisit this post about goal making!!


Why is it that whenever someone makes a goal it ends up being an earth shatteringly large one? For example: I typically oscillate between being a 5 times a week exerciser and being an epic couch potato. Whenever I’m in a fitness frame of mind I begin making exercise goals that end up snowballing into something along the lines of: “I will run a marathon by the end of the year”…Run a marathon by the end of the year? Are you kidding me? Get real people. I would be lucky to run a 5k. In my mind though since I’m setting a goal then all of a sudden I expect these miraculous outcomes.

Don’t take me the wrong way, I’m all for setting goals. Frankly, the goals I’ve been setting do manage to motivate me for about a week, which I suppose is better than nothing. The problem is that…

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