Take A Seat…

#TBT I’m taking the time today to look back on the very first blog post I made!


I rushed into Starbucks to sit because in my hometown, there is rarely ever space to sit at and today, passing by the window I noticed that the coveted ‘comfy’ chairs were open. I rushed in and put my bag down on the seat even before ordering, aware that this is a bit irritating to everyone in the coffee shop as it is an unspoken rule that you only get a chair if you’ve bought a drink, but today I don’t care because I’ve bought so many drinks and rushed out, not sitting down, in the past two months that frankly I think I deserve that darn seat! After buying a drink and putting it down on the wooden stump that is now used as the modern ode to the old “rustic” style table, I drag my foot up to my butt and plop down into the arm-chair completely delirious…

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