Spending a Night in History

A view of my room for the night
A view of my room for the night

Last week I had the pleasure of going on an overnight business trip. This trip culminated in my participation on a panel where I had to speak in front a roomful of people. That being said, I was bit nervous knowing that this was a professional step that I had never taken before as well as excited to test my abilities as a public speaker. My coworker proved to be a pleasure to go on this trip with. All along the way she had wonderful suggestions. I was pleased to have her company, was happy with her willingness to try a quirky brewery for dinner, charmed by her amazing suggestion that we listen to a book on tape as we drove there and back, and intrigued by her suggestion to stay at a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel for the night. Upon arriving to the bed and breakfast, my initial reaction was curiosity. The building was built entirely of brick and gave off the air of having seen the city through many generations of growth. In the foyer, we were greeted by two Dalmatians who were followed in tow by their owner. She was a tall woman with short blond hair who moved with a confidence of someone who had been running this bed and breakfast for so many years that no characters could surprise her. As she took us up to our rooms, I was greeted with black and white pictures of the owner’s family lining the wall of a grand staircase that Scarlet O’Hare from Gone with the Wind would have appreciated. As we turned the corner to see our respective rooms I noticed a small wooden table in the corner of the hallway atop which lay a water basin, no doubt used decades earlier as a means to obtain water to clean your body. The wooden floors creaked and the heavy doors closed to create a room of complete seclusion and privacy. A large bed occupied the center of the room and to the left a bathroom with rustic Victorian elements could be found. This room was amazing in the fact that I truly felt transported to an earlier era while not experiencing any of the discomfort of decay that often startles ones senses in old buildings. Laying my head on the pillow of the plush bed I was startled by my lack of desire to open a computer and watch Netflix. Instead, I quickly slipped into a wonderful sleep from which I awoke in the exact same position I had fallen asleep in. In the morning I was greeted by a deluxe homemade breakfast that consisted of a refreshing appetizer of peaches atop a sweetened waffle crisp, followed by a main course of egg and spinach. Aside from the satisfaction of having helped the local economy, staying at a local bed and breakfast had many other great benefits. One of these benefits was the wonderful opportunity of getting a glimpse into a world long passed. Along with this came access to a local (the bed and breakfast owner in this case) who gave insight into how much the neighborhood and city itself had changed in the last ten years. Getting a moment in the middle of a busy week to disconnect from the outside world and focus in on resting was refreshing as well. The feeling of contentment that this rest induced was followed up with the wonderful breakfast that induced a feeling of self-worth. There is nothing like sitting and eating a hearty breakfast without distractions to make one feel connected with one’s thoughts and prepared to face a day calmly. Needless to say this was a wonderful mind space to be in prior to my work event. I found myself moving through my day in a happier and lighter mood. With so simple a remedy, I find myself craving to recreate it now that I’m home. So tonight, I’ll allow myself to go to bed without distractions, and tomorrow morning, I’ll sit down at my kitchen table and eat breakfast without rushing or worrying about a million other things. Perhaps I’ll look out of the window and appreciate the beautiful trees in my backyard. Whatever it is that I do, I will approach the morning with the intent to begin my week mindful and present.

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