How Halloween Taught Me to Relax

Halloween was a great kick off for my new-found appreciation for the holidays. This appreciation has been honed as a result of having spent the last year completely stressed out when it isn’t a holiday, and finding myself wishing that it was one. Yet during holidays I would be completely preoccupied with the work that I should, but was not doing in that moment. I never allowed myself the moment to take a break, and personally I thought that people who advised me to take a breather, and to revel in moments of relaxation as a way to “recharge” were completely insane. You always hear about how the difference between “winners” and “losers”, or the “successful” and the “unsuccessful” is how hard they work. I took this to mean that while everyone else was taking a moment to enjoy family and friends, those who were going to make it in this world were working.

One year later, after having had a complete life overhaul, I find myself facing the holiday season with a completely different perspective. Halloween was not a burden, something that I had to participate in in order to seem normal when really I wanted to be working. I was genuinely excited to dress up. In fact, I may have gotten over enthusiastic since I practiced doing my makeup numerous times in the week prior to the big event. When the big day came, and my amazing co-workers decided to go out and celebrate together, I was thrilled. We went to an interesting bar that tends to draw in the type of crowd that doesn’t do Halloween in the shallow, wearing too sexy of clothes. There were some really interesting costumes, and people were in the spirit all around.

In dressing up I revived my creative spirit and understood the need for holidays. It was in watching everyone around me dressed as people, animals, and things that I came to understand the beauty in escape. We all spend our days worrying about whether our career choices are the right ones, or whether that cute guy will ask you out for another date. It is in the special holiday moments that we get to give our minds a moments rest from our regularly scheduled obsessions. In the morning hours after days like these, I always wake up refreshed and find that the miniscule worries I had the day before are gone and there is an odd sense of calm that only holidays can bring about. So on I trod, building up more stresses and worries until the next holiday, when I can release and be reminded about what really matters.

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